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Our Services

It’s essential for business owners to use digital marketing to optimize their efforts and connect with various audiences. At Hard Hit Media, we’ve pooled our knowledge and expertise to provide you with engaging content and web pieces that matter.


Content Marketing

Entice and engage potential customers with creative content to generate leads, improve site traffic, and gain customers’ trust. We strategically choose subject matters that appeal to your audience.

Link Building

Building high-quality links is a critical practice if you want to thrive online and beat competitors. We incorporate safe links only to make Google love you.


Our SEO methods safely optimize your website contents to be more appealing in search engines like Google. We offer onsite and offsite strategies to have you rank higher and visible to more customers.


How can you make a boring topic sound exciting and engaging? Not only we write fantastic web pieces, but we also capture your brand and make it compelling to customers.

Our Mission

Not only we want to advance your business solutions but also, share stories of your brand to a well-defined market with the philosophies and values of your company. We want to see you succeed and build a community that believes in your ideas through our strategic digital efforts. We are passionate about giving your our best service that’s tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

We provide a well-rounded approach to meeting your goals in different online channels to boost business visibility and engagement. From research to execution, we have an ardent desire to know and implement what works for your company. We strive to see your business improve its online presence, raise brand awareness, and generate leads which convert to real-time customers.

From our clients

"The online gaming industry can be fickle and demanding. Plus, the ever-changing times and development made my job worse – I have to fill and make all the news and content myself with the latest developments! I’m glad that Vimler lend a hand to the content section of my site."
Daniel Vella, Affiliate Owner
“Marketing a business online all by yourself can be time-consuming and takes you out of doing important tasks. After I’ve left that burden with Vimler’s help, I can finally concentrate on further developing my products. And yes, I can finally sleep and coffee during weekends too.”
Anna Nilsson, Head of Marketing
“I was feeling a bit exasperated with my last SEO consultant, and then our website project fell out. It wasn’t until Vimler found and contacted about my concerns. Very happy so far!”
Richard Nilsson, COO


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