Important SEO trends to Look Forward in 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing technique which is continuously changing with time. Like every year, Google and other search engines are trying their best to be the final destination for their users. Well, this is terrible news for most of the websites out there. How can we counter this? And how SEO will change for 2021? To answer that we will discuss SEO trends for 2021.


Rank Zero Snippet also known as zero-click searches, is eating up a significant amount of traffic for us. Google, for example, when we search for any question on it, shows the accurate answers on the top of the search page. It decreases the chance of users clicking on our websites but a very big number. In addition to that, in the year 2018 google added ‘People also ask’ feature which is a combination of searches similar to the question asked by you.

  • Now, How can we tackle this unlikely situation? For that, you can follow these steps:
  • You can use the omnichannel marketing technique to increase traffic to your website.
  • Use of Long-tail keywords. To explain it merely what long-tail keywords are, These are phrase like sentences having 4-6 words which are Knitted together to attract niche audiences. Most websites targeting only the mass audiences will fail to gain traffic.
  • Identify the keywords that are bringing you actual traffic. Pondering over the ocean of keywords won’t help, you need first to understand what your target audience wants from you and find out the keywords that are being searched.


The game involving local use of SEO is changing dramatically. With the growth of online business and local business going online to create a consumer seller relationship online, there is a big opportunity for you to gobble up the huge traffic it can create. To efficiently generate traffic on your website using local means, you will need to register your website (of your business) on ‘Google My Business’. This particular move will boost your traffic needs. People like to search for phone numbers of business, compare products, lookup for product information or detailed information related to your business will directly benefit you by providing with heavy traffic. And there is also searches like ‘near me’, ‘find this’ on Google maps which can also create traffic for you.


People depend on technologies more and more as time passes. And tell me the truth who wants to write a long sentence when you can voice search it. More than 55% of teenagers use voice search regularly. So you see the voice search is the future of gaining traffic, you can attain huge amounts of traffic by adjusting a few things.

80% of the voice search questions start with this trigger words: How, What, Best, The, Is, Where, Can, Top, Easy, When, Why, Who, New, Recipe, Good, Homes, Make, Does, Define, Free, I, List, Homes, Types, Do.

Your time provides the user with the best answer they are looking for to increase the time you spend on your website. To do that first, you need to understand the context of what they are asking from you. You have to read between the lines to understand it completely. You can follow these steps to significantly improve your end-user experience to gain more traffic every day via voice searches.

Voice searches can be easily categorized into three types of questions first is DAQ, second is SAQ, and third is LAQ. These stand for direct answer questions, short answer questions, long answer questions, respectively. In DAQ type questions it will generally start with words like what, which, where, who, etc. In these types of questions user usually asked for long narrative types answers (In 500-1000 words). When we talk about SAQ type questions, which generally starts with why can, etc. In this user wants short answers which are at most of 1 paragraph only. At last, in LAQ type questions, the user needs an answer of long length, which also requires an extended time to ready, which will exponentially increase your earnings. Some examples of this are: How to Build a Treehouse? Or How to cook sushi?


Who doesn’t love to watch a video! A person will happily choose a video over reading, and let me tell you; the video will bring you a fortune. As per a particular survey, it was noticed that an average person spends a hundred minutes of their time watching videos every day. And the surprising thing is that this number will not go down, but it will only go up. Watching a video on your website will massively increase your traffic. In that survey, 96% of the people also agreed that the video made them better understand the product and the service provided by the company. So by mixing your SEO capabilities in the video, you can make unimaginable traffic. Here is how you can do that:

  • Use of attractive thumbnail. Well, it is self-explanatory, but let’s discuss it anyway. You need to add details in your thumbnail, details like what your audience wants to see the most, what will make them click on it even if they don’t have time to watch it.
  • Adding transcript and proper captions. By adding a transcript to every video and inserting attractive captions can significantly boost your yield.
  • Do not forget to upload your video to every platform you are familiar with.
  • Proper tags and mobile-friendly. Many users do not have a computer ready at their command, so they use mobile phones to watch videos. So it would be best if you made the mobile-friendly as much as possible with proper tags. Remember, property tags can lead you to more significant traffic to your video.


SEO trends change every year as the technology backing it changes. These trends mentioned above will undoubtedly help you grow your traffic significantly. From 2021 SEO will be mostly a mobile-driven world, people are shifting towards mobile for portability, so you need to keep that in mind and make your website mobile-friendly also.